Job in England

How to find a job in England  for foreigners? 

We offer the fullest selection of web-sites for searching for a work in Britain, it contains both classical search engines and specialized web-sites.

Great Britain working visa issue

Citizens from the countries of European Economic Area don’t need to get a working visa, but there are restrictions for the citizens of Bulgaria and Romania. 

British visa for work in UK issue is based on calculation of points. A specific points calculation system and specific requirements have been foreseen for each category: 

How to choose TIER visa category?

In general, there are 3 types of job-seekers n Great Britain for non-EEA citizens: 

Exceptional employees (TIER 1 category): especially gifted and talented specialists, and also investors can apply for entering and residence in Great Britain without a job offer, assuming that such a person has scored a required number of points by TIER calculation system, and that such a person has passed all necessary procedures of scored points confirmation.

Qualified specialists (TIER 2 category): if you have been offered a qualified job in England and your potential job offer (sponsor) has confirmed it with a sponsor certificate, you can apply for entering and residence in Great Britain with TIER 2 visa.

Temporary employees (TIER 5 category):  Tier 5 visa (Temporary employees) is designated for a short-term work in cultural, beneficent, religious and international areas.

What to do next for legal entering Great Britain?

If you have scored a required number of points and passed all necessary procedures of your personal data (Attributes) confirmation and language knowledge confirmation (if necessary), you shall: 

1) pay supplementary amount for health assurance, it is required for applying for TIER visa (learn assurance amount),
2) apply for British visa for work online and pay a fee
3)  come to the nearest Visa Center for filing originals of the documents and biometric data (photos and finger prints),
4) when entered Great Britain you shall get: Biometric Residence Permission. You shall get it within 10 days from the date of entering Great Britain, stated in the application for visa (even if actually you come later). 

Entering Great Britain with TIER 1 visa 

Great Britain Tier 1 visas are designated for attracting “the most distinguished and exceptional” candidates for immigration to Great Britain in its government opinion. You don’t have to find a job offer for getting Tier 1 visa, if you get required number of points (Exceptional talents and Investors – 75 points. Requirements to Tier 1 visa candidates are connected to the selection of the most qualified specialists.

TIER 1 visa guide. Exceptional talents

TIER 1 visa guide. Investor  

Entering Great Britain with TIER 2 visa

Tier 2 (General category) is designated for foreign citizens, who have been offered a work in Britain in their field, assuming that an employer hasn’t found a Great Britain citizen or resident for this job. Tier 2 visa (Sportsperson) is designated for distinguished sportsperson or coaches, recognized at the international level. Candidates, who apply for Tier 2 visa, shall score 70 points and confirm, that they have a sponsor, providing a sponsor certificate.

Sponsor certificate

A sponsor letter (certificate) has a registration number, containing information on a job in UK and personal data. It is not a standard reference or a document, made with a module. Your sponsor shall assign a registration number to the sponsor certificate.
You shall enter sponsor certificate registration number to the application module (you can use it only once). 

Entering Great Britain with TIER 5 visa

A visa for employees of art, sports, beneficent and religious areas, participants of governmental exchange programs and for employees, who enter the country by international agreements. Candidates, who apply for Tier 5 visa, shall score 40 points.