USA job sites

There are plenty of online options to find job in the USA. Let’s begin with the classic job search engines, where the use of such websites requires a good knowledge of English: 


Monster - is the largest USA site, created in 2012, which currently offers jobs not only in all states but also all over the world. Currently it does not work for Russians.

Usajobs.gov  is the free-of-charge website supported by the U.S. Federal government. The advantages of the federal vacancies for the civil servants are as follows: competitive salaries, full health insurance, long leave, etc.

Find work USA on  specialized sites

Now let’s move to the specialized websites for finding jobs in the USA by separate areas and fields. 

The Hcareers website offers jobs in the following areas: casino, catering, restaurants, hotels, tourism, tourist entertainment in clubs and theme parks.   

The Aesjobbank website specializes in headhunting for construction area, and the   Healthcareers website is dedicated only to employment in healthcare and medicine.   

Who has never dreamed of Alaska? The one from the books of Jack London. However, today’s Alaska is not the gold digger's paradise but a bastion of the American fish industry. It is generally believed that the earnings in Alaska are pretty good, and if you want to find a job offer USA for foreigners in that industry, just use the Alaskajobfinder website. 

CoolWorks.com has been holding a central position in the area of summer and seasonal work since 1995. Here you can find a job offered by large employers in various national parks, health resorts, ranchos, camps, ski resorts and also on the seaside and beaches. It is a unique opportunity to try hand in different areas, to see the world and maybe even build a career in future! 

Another interesting web resource, which can help you to save your time, is Resumerabbit – the website for automated resume mailing to 91 English-speaking websites, among them are BEYOND, CARRERBUILDER and others. The automated mailing cost is 59 USD. 

Find job in USA on advertisement boards

Craglist is a best-known website for placing ads in the USA, where a third of them are the job offers. On the surface, it seems that it is impossible to find something suitable there, but you can find there everything: from bank director vacancies to the side jobs as a yard keeper. Moreover, it is the fastest way to communicate with an employer directly without any third parties. 

What are the job seeking websites — aggregators 

Aggregators do not have their own databases; they help search work in usa
collecting the employment-related information in the USA from many other leading web recruitment systems. Once the search results are displayed, you can recognize a website, where a respective job offer is posted, by its logo: