Sites for work in Belgium

Welcome to Belgium! What do we know about this country? First of all, there are three language communities: Netherlandian (Flemish), French and German ones. Then, the country also consists of three regions: Brussels Capital, Flemish and Walloon ones. Each region has its own official employment service.

Belgian public employment websites

Actiris.be is a Brussel’s regional employment agency. Being a public employment service Actiris is the main representative in the Brussel region recruitment area and it has two targets: procurement of vacancies in Belgium and selection of the candidates for the organizations.

Leforem.be is a public employment service and professional education service in Wallonia. What does the organization provide? Notwithstanding the fact that Forem was created with the regional government assistance the offered employment programs are of regional, European and federal levels.

Vdab.be is a Flemish employment service, it has one of the largest job position databases. Our aim is to coordinate the labour market demand and offer as efficiently as it is possible, doing it through the employment, education course organization and recruitment service provision. Every year we offer more than 750 000 candidates and satisfy 150 000 vacancies.

Websites for work in internet Belgium

Jobat.be/en/ is a large website with the attendance of more than 2 million people per month. The resource is available in Netherlandian, English and French.

References.lesoir.be/en-gb/ is a part of Rossel company group, which target is to unite talents and business in HR area through innovative HR solutions.New vacancies are posted every Saturday in Le Soir newspaper, which is also a part of the holding. You can switch the language from French to English in the website’s footer. 

Jobijoba.be is a federal website-aggregator. Jobijoba collects all offers, found on the Internet, and suggests you personal offers. 

What are vacancy aggregators? 

The word “aggregator” derives from the English verb “to aggregate”, which means “to collect, to unite, to accumulate”. The aggregator website drive collects vacancies from other websites, where they are posted. Of course, then the moderators group selects qualitative announcements carefully in order to eliminate unsolicited commercial e-mails. The result is users’ time saving.

These aggregators collect offers in internet Belgium: 


Welcome to Belgium!