Work in Denmark

How to find a job in Denmark for foreigners?

There are always options.

View the vacancies in Denmark and Danish job offers published by Eurabota, Indeed, CareerJet, where the good knowledge of foreign languages (in addition to Danish and English) is the prerequisite for selection of job seekers.

Here we offer the fullest selection of websites for job search in Denmark; it includes both classical job engines and Danish job boards.

Take a chance to get a job in Denmark with Danish Green Card; it is a points-based program, which calculates, if you score enough for Denmark work permit.

Should EU nationals be issued with a Danish working visa?

Denmark is an EU member state and allows all EU nationals to live and work in Denmark without a working visa. According to the freedom of movement act, the EU nationals may freely pass through EU states with their spouses and children without any residence permit. 

What should Non-EU nationals do to enter Denmark legally?

If you were lucky and found the job in Denmark, then you should apply for Danish residence and work permit.

PLEASE NOTE! As opposed to other countries, for entering Denmark you should present not a work permit, but a residence permit, which looks like a plastic card. At customs, you present passport and residence card instead of working visa.

You may apply for a residence and work permit to both Visa Application Centers and the Embassy of Denmark. For submission of documents, prior registration is required.

What is a residence permit or residence card?

Danish residence permit or residence card is a plastic card in credit card format. The card has a chip, which stores the biometric data of its holder: digital photo and two fingerprints. Biometric data (digital photo and fingerprints) can be obtained from the person in the Embassy, Consulate General or Visa Application Center of Denmark.  Residence cards are produced in Denmark. 

Those, who are approved for a residence permit, must obtain their card in hand before entering Denmark as the residence permit replaces a Danish working visa. During the passport and visa inspection, you should present both your passport and residence card.  

Denmark has developed several programs for attracting foreign specialists to work in the country:

-  Danish Green Card: Green Card for job seeking in Denmark may be obtained through points-based system, if you score enough points for education, work experience and language skills. 

-  Positive List: for people with shortage profession, who have a valid job offer in Denmark. An applicant must have a profession from the list of areas, experiencing the shortage of qualified professionals in Denmark. 

- Pay Limit: for foreigners, who have been offered a job in Denmark with the salary of at least 375 000 DKK (approximately 80 000 USD).   

How to work in Denmark with Green Card?

You may obtain Danish Green Card if you score at least 100 points for such criteria as education, language skills and age. If you score 100 points, it will be possible for you to obtain a residence permit and get a job in Denmark. For immigration to Denmark by Green Card, you should provide evidence of your sufficient language skills by language proficiency tests.  Without good knowledge of Danish, Norwegian or English and certificates of language proficiency, you are not eligible for working in Denmark with Green Card.

List of shortage professions (Positive List) for working in Denmark

In Denmark, some areas are experiencing shortage of qualified professionals among natives. Professions included in the list are of high demand. Applicants that are willing to work in Denmark on this program must have the relevant professional education confirmed by a diploma and an employment record book. The salary and conditions under the employment agreement should meet the certain criteria stipulated by the program for working in Denmark. The regulated professions (for example, physicians) require recognition of foreign degrees (nostrification) in Denmark. 

Denmark: working as an Au Pair (Babysitters, nannies)

The Au Pair program in Denmark implies that the young people aged 18 to 30 years will learn Danish and also work as an Au Pair, provided that it is permitted to work for no more than 5 hours a day and no more than 6 days a week.     

If you want to cut down your expenses, you may apply for work as an Au Pair on your own, but before then you should find an au pair vacancy, for example, using  the website  Au Pair.com.