Work in Australia

How to get jobs in Australia for foreigners? There are always options.

1)    Here we offer the fullest selection of websites for getting jobs in Australia; it includes both classic job search engines and job boards, as well as special website with vacancies for GSM (General Skilled Migration) visa.

2)    Points Test calculator for sought-after occupations is a unique opportunity for immigration and work in Australia. You can try to pass Skilled Migration Points Test, meet the points test pass mark and apply through SkillSelect for participation in selection process.

How to choose the right type of Australian work visa?

There are temporary and permanent work visa programs in Australia. They differ as follows:

-  Australian temporary work visa does not allow its holder to get the resident status after its expiration; 
-  Australian permanent work visa allows the holder to get the resident status after its expiration. The visa is valid for life: the visa holder shall retain the resident status if he/ she remains in Australia. If he/she would like to leave and re-enter Australia after his/her visa has been expired, he/she will require a Resident Return Visa (RRV). The eligibility of an applicant for an RRV will depend on the duration of stay in Australia.  

Visa Finder will help you choose the type of visa that is appropriate for you based on your criteria. 

What is the SOL and the CSOL? 

To enter Australia under the Skilled Migration Program, the applicant must have an occupation that is registered on the skilled occupations list approved by the Australian Government.
SOL is a list of eligible skilled occupations in demand across the entire country of Australia approved by the Australian Government.  CSOL is a Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List; it is relevant for certain states and territories (usually, lowly populated ones) and must be nominated under special government program. Both lists are subject to change every 6-8 months.

How to get an Australian work visa?   

The Australian Government has changed its visa policy, and from 1 July 2012, all the intending migrants, both in and outside Australia, can submit an application for subclasses 189, 190 or 489 (GSM visas) only through SkillSelect.

SkillSelect is an online expression of interest service. First, the intending migrants must submit the Expression of Interest, then pass the Points Test and, thereafter, be ranked. SkillSelect will calculate your points, assess your eligibility and will provide feedback. After submitting your EOI, you can view your point score. The system will charge no fee for creation and submission of such EOI.

Once you submit your completed EOI, you will receive a confirmation notification from SkillSelect. Your EOI will then remain in SkillSelect for a maximum of two years. If your application is approved during this period, you will be invited to submit documents for Skilled Migration visa.

You can fill in a GSM (General Skilled Migration) application on-line .

What is the Australian Visa Points Test?

You may use a Points Test Calculator to assess your eligibility for work in Australia. The applicant must score a pass mark – a minimum number of points required for Skilled Migration visa. Today, the minimum pass mark is 60 points.

Getting an Australian visa: what’s new? 

Today, there is no need to have a visa label in a passport; all issued visa details are stored in Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO). As a confirmation of visa issue, the applicant will receive an e-mail or a letter (if he/she has not specified his/her e-mail address in the application) with all visa details.

Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa

This visa is meant for graduates, who have completed their engineering qualification at a recognised institution in the last two years. The Skilled—Recognised Graduate visa is not points-tested. However, if you are planning to apply for permanent residency in Australia, you shall see the List of recognised institutions for a Recognised Graduate Visa.  

Health examinations for working in Australia 

If you are applying for a stay longer than 6 months in Australia, you will be required to undergo health examinations. The results of such examinations are valid only for a certain period. Please see the List of panel physicians approved by the Australian Government/