Work in Austria

How to find job in Austria for foreigners and, particularly, work in Vienna?

We offer the fullest selection of web-sites for searching for a job in Austria, it includes classical search engines, announcement boards and announcements from the Employment Service of Austria. 

If you are a qualified specialist, you shall use Red-White-Red Card system, based on points calculation and giving a possibility to move to Austria for permanent residence by professional immigration program.

Do you have to make work permission in Austria? EU citizens are entitled to work in Austria with no work permission, because Austria is a European Union member.

The employer shall make preliminary work permission and then a final work permission for foreigners (non-EU citizens). An additional Austria work permission isn’t required for highly qualified specialists, deficient and other key specialists, scored required number of points with Red-White-Red Card system.

What is Red-White-Red Card?   

Red-White-Red Card System has been in service for specialists from other countries for the work in Austria since 1 July 2011. Red-White-Red system is based on the calculation of points and it has been developed for the following groups of people:
— highly qualified specialists (they shall score from 70 to 100 points), 
— deficient professions specialists (they shall score from 50 to 75 points),
— other key specialists (they shall score from 50 to 75 points) members of their families (secondary applicants).

You may calculate your points with VisaCalculator.

Do you need to know the language for getting Red-White-Red Card? 

Highly qualified specialists, deficient professions specialists and other key professions specialists shall not confirm knowledge of German language before entering Austria. Therewith, the knowledge of German and English brings you from 10 to 15 points. Before entering Austria Secondary applicants (family members) shall confirm knowledge of German of A1 level of All-European Foreign Language Knowledge System.

Is the presence of employer required for Red-White-Red Card receipt by a highly qualified specialist?

Highly qualified specialists aren’t obliged to provide a job offer, if he/she gets a minimum number of points (from 70 to 100). Applicants get 6 months Jobseeker visa, which gives an opportunity to search for a work being in Austria. 
The found job shall certainly correspond to the qualification and professional level. If a specialist finds a job, corresponding to the qualification, within 6 months, an employer shall apply to the competent authorities (Landeshauptmann, Bezirkshauptmannschaft, Magistrat) for the issue of RWR Card for the 12 month term.

If a Jobseeker doesn’t find job within 6 months he/she shall leave Austria. He/she may apply for a Jobseeker visa repeatedly 12 months after he/she leaves Austria.

How can you get a Jobseeker visa to Austria?

You shall apply to the Embassy of Austria in order to get Austria Jobseeker visa (it’s also called D category national visa). Documents, required for a Jobseeker 

Application for Jobseecer visa

Register youself for visa

How do you apply for RWR Card?

You may apply for RWR Card as follows:
1) personally at the Embassy or at the Consulate of Austria within the country of residence, 
2) or a potential employer may apply to the competent authority of his residence in Austria (Landeshauptmann, Bezirkshauptmannschaft, Magistrat).

10 months after you get a job with RWR Card you may apply for RWR Card Plus issue, which entitles to work for any employer in Austria. An ordinary RWR Card gives you an opportunity to work only for a certain employer/certain employers. 

Family members

Family members of RWR Card and RWR Card Plus holders may automatically get RWR Card Plus and also the title of working for any employer in Austria upon condition of confirmation of at least A1 level (initial level) of German language knowledge. Members of the family of a highly qualified specialist shall be entitled to enter Austria together with the applicant, and the members of the family of a specialist of another groups may enter Austria after 3 months after he/she gets job. 

Check useful information on employment and regulations of foreigners stay in Austria on official web-sites.